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Movimoda reorganizes the logistics of Banana Moon

Movimoda, a reference partner for integrated international fashion logistics, wants to reorganize the logistics of its customer Banana Moon. Banana Moon is a brand of swimsuits for women, men and children, where customers are immediately taken to a sunny world where fashionable prints rub shoulders with the most sporty chic cuts.

In response, Movimoda turned to TRANSITIC, the connected solutions integrator, to set up an automated system for order picking and shipping. A simple and effective approach that will allow Modovimoda to reduce its logistics costs, reduce its time-to-market while responding qualitatively to the growth of its client Banana Moon.



The fashion company Camaïeu is updating the existing sorters in its warehouse in Roubaix, France. Camaïeu is the first women’s ready-to-wear brand in France.

The last expansion of the Camaïeu warehouse in its sorting yard included two pre-sorters installed a few years ago. These are good for many years. There are, however, five flat sorters (bomb packers) installed more than ten years ago.

In order to maximize the efficiency of flatbed sorters and ensure their productivity, Equinox and Transitic have updated sorters one by one. This includes upgrading or replacing moving parts, updating the electrical installation, and installing new displays around the sorter. In addition, the Exact software for each sorter will be updated and moved to a new server.

By updating its existing sorters, Camaïeu is ready for the years to come without having to invest in new machines. This is one of the benefits of the Equinox sorting program, which offers an alternative to newly built sorters when an existing sorter is already in place. This service includes a quick scan with a report describing possible upgrades. The proposal always aims to upgrade, repair or modify existing components to avoid unnecessary costs.

About Camaïeu

Founded more than 30 years ago, Camaïeu is the first women’s ready-to-wear brand in France. The brand relies on a network of more than 900 stores worldwide, spread across 20 countries / territories (including 650 in France). The Camaïeu Group has more than 5,200 employees, including 4,000 in France, who work to offer 100 new articles every week. Camaïeu has been recognized as Best French Channel of the Year 2017-2018, in the category Women’s Fashion (October 2017) – Trophy awarded by the marketing agency Newim.



TRANSITIC is an entrepreneurial transmission between a father and his son, coupled with an industrial success. Ten years have been enough for this SME to become one of the largest integrators of intralogistics systems. It knew how to integrate the technological innovations of intralogistics, to avoid the risky investments and to lead its development with a dynamism which forces the admiration.



Once again, TRANSITIC was present at the SITL Paris Porte de Versailles, from 26 to 28 March 2019.

The entire TRANSITIC team thanks you for your visit during the SITL 2019. It was a real pleasure to meet you during this event, which brings together more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors.


CERGY-VIS partners with TRANSITIC to keep up with growing demand

The customer:

Founded in 1979, CERGY-VIS is the specialist in the distribution of hardware, bolts, screws etc. for individuals and professionals. CERGY-VIS now has three online stores (Cergy-Vis, Bricovis and Fix’N’Vis) and a physical store in Saint Ouen l’Aumône.


The need :

CERGY-VIS wishes to group the parts of orders prepared on 4 different points of the warehouse, to control them, repackage them and send them to their shipping areas. The customer also wants to reduce the movements of the preparers and thus obtain a better productivity. The customer needs to increase the number of orders prepared per day. The constraints are that the installation will take place during the opening hours of the store and order processing for online sites must continue to be assured.


The solution :

Parts of orders are prepared on 5 different points of the warehouse. These control parts are then sent via vertical conveyors to a carousel consisting of roller conveyors and transfer all located in height. When all the cartons composing a command will circulate on the carousel, these cartons will be sorted and evacuated. A roller conveyor and a vertical conveyor will route these boxes to the different control grouping stations. Orders can be controlled, grouped and packaged. Once the order boxes are circled and tagged manually, they will be directed via a new roller conveyor to their shipping area organized by carrier.


Benefits of the solution:

The mechanization of the site will allow CERGY-VIS to increase the number of orders prepared per day and thus be able to respond to its very strong growth. In addition, our solution will be silent and scalable.




TRANSITIC integrates vertical and horizontal conveying systems for SAVERGLASS

The customer :

Founded in 1897, SAVERGLASS is the specialist manufacturer of high-end glass bottles. The modernisation of the historic site of Feuquières (60) makes it possible to better meet the growing demand of customers.


The need :

In order to improve the working conditions of the operators and increase productivity, SAVERGLASS wants to automate the transfer of boxes from control and packaging stations to the palletising area, the closure and automatic labelling of cartons.

The constraints are: the solution must be reliable because installed in a relatively hot and challenging environment, and working 24/7, 365 days/year.

In addition, the customer has little space and has important traffic requirements in the area where the system is installed. Finally, the solution must be installed without hindering or stopping production.


The solution :

At the exit of the production line, the glass vials are inspected by experts who package them in cartons which are then evacuated by vertical conveyors. Cartons continue to be transported up and over the arch exit belt, freeing up floor space. A last vertical conveyor moves the cartons down to an automatic scotch machine. The cartons are then labelled before joining their palletising area. TRANSITIC teams were flexible and responsive to minimise disruption to the production line.


Benefits of the solution :

SAVERGLASS personnel were immediately impressed by this robust, reliable, compact and innovative conveying solution that allows:

  • Better quality control
  • Gain in productivity
  • Improvement of the working conditions of the operators