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Connect, for maximum flow control and productivity


Intralogistics 4.0

As a software editor and integrator, TRANSITIC brings multi-software connectivity solutions for your Supply Chain. If you lack fluidity in your processes, TRANSITIC can offer multilayer connectivity, ranging from the order preparation to the delivery while taking your e-commerce software, ERP and WCS into account.

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Supervise all your automated processes



Control your flows, your activity and your operators in real time



Automate your industrial processes

TRANSITIC offers multi-system connectivity, from web ordering to delivery, taking into account your e-commerce, ERP and WCS software.

Optimised synergy and connectivity

Connected conveyors…


Open WCS©

Control, optimise and connect your conveyors to your existing and future mechanical systems using our Open WCS© software.

…controllable in real time


Open SCP©

Supervise and control your flows in real time using our Open SCP© software.

Open WCS© interconnects the different systems and subsystems of your warehouse involved in the configuration and management of your intralogistics flows.

Open WCS©  aims to maximize performance and productivity of your current and future system tools..

Open WCS© coordinates, controls and monitors the global operations carried out by the automated systems and systemic components of your warehouse, in connection with any type of WMS and system.


Open SCP© is an open source software programme offering a comprehensive dashboard of flow indicators, so enhancing control of your flows.

Open SCP© is the customizable control solution, run according to your preferred indicators. In addition to conventional indicators, the number of indicators generated in real-time is increasing, following the use of BI in synergy with new interfaces dedicated to the connected industry (PLCs, M2M, …).

Open SCP© is also a tool to facilitate decision-making. It is accessible via web technology across various terminals: mobiles, pc, tablets …

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Connected intralogistics


As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.



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