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Open WCS®

for maximum flow management and productivity

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OpenWCS, a real + for your warehouse

Connecting systems

Interconnect the different systems involved in managing your flows in relation to a WMS.

Traceability of flows in real time

Measure, diagnose and correct the productivity of each automated system

Optimized performance

Centralize all the performance indicators necessary to optimize your activity

Scalable supply chain

Grow your supply chain according to your needs thanks to the modularity of our software

Move to intralogistics 4.0 with Open WCS

Streamline your supply chain with Open WCS. As an integrator of Supply Chain software, Transitic offers to integrate connectivity into your supply chain.

Going from the customer order on your e-commerce site to delivery, taking into account your e-commerce software, ERP, WMS.

Our teams also support you in the design and “turnkey” production of all types of applications in the fields of electricity and automated industrial processes.

Open WCS it's :


increased productivity


reduction in picking errors


reduction of operational costs
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Supervise all automated processes in your warehouse.

Keep an eye on your activity with the Open WCS monitoring function.

Good supervision allows you to be able to react quickly to any change in the situation.


Manage your flows, processes and operators in time using data on current activity.

Organize your flows as you see fit and according to your requests thanks to Open WCS.

Manage your production teams according to your installation and your activity.


Enter intralogistics 4.0 by automating your industrial processes

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    Connected intralogistics

    As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.


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