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New Goods-to-Person solution for the French market

Following the announcement of their partnership at the earlier this year, Transitic and OPEX Corporation® are launching the new OPEX® Infinity® system on the French market, a multi-application Goods-to-Person solution ideal for e-commerce or omnichannel retail.

OPEX Corporation® is an American manufacturer of automated intralogistics solutions. For the past year, Transitic has been marketing the group’s two flagship products: OPEX® Sure Sort® and OPEX® Perfect Pick®. These sorting and picking solutions meet customer demand for modular order preparation.

OPEX® Infinity® is a new automated storage and retrieval system offering unrivalled picking reliability and accelerated throughput. It is particularly well suited to omnichannel distribution, shop replenishment, micro-shipping and e-commerce.

Comprising single, double and triple-depth shelving, OPEX® Infinity® is based on iBOT® technology – autonomous Goods-to-Person robots that move horizontally and vertically through the structure while recharging their batteries. Each iBOT® moves freely in the aisles and can carry up to 35 kilos of goods to any picking station on the periphery of the system.

Infinity® is fully scalable and can handle increases in flow and storage by simply adding more modules and iBOTs®. With heights of up to 9.9 meters, the racks are configured to maximise warehouse space by avoiding obstacles or other equipment.

The Infinity® system offers unrivalled storage density, configurability and flexibility to power today's and tomorrow's businesses - it's the next generation of automation.

Nicolas DEWITHead of Business at OPEX

Why choose Infinity®?

Improving order accuracy

Optimising existing space

Adapting to demand

Reducing labour problems

Improving work ergonomics

Optimising productivity

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