Flat conveyors

Belt Conveyors
The belt conveyor combines modernity, efficiency, design, quality and performance. This conveyor allows for the transport of lighter items. Our wide range of belt conveyors responds to the needs of the majority of industry segments and is easy to maintain.
Stainless Steel Conveyors
This conveyor can reach speeds of over 120 meters / min and withstand very heavy loads thanks to the robustness of the stainless steel. Its stainless properties make it usable in the most extreme conditions and facilitates cleaning. Our wide range of conveyors adapts easily to your needs.
Steel Conveyors
Our wide range of steel conveyors can be tailored to all needs. We study your environment to offer you the optimally integrated system. The performance of this system allows high profitability thanks to a rapid treatment of the volumes of goods in order to gain productivity.
Expandable Conveyors
Designed to withstand the most rigorous demands of logistics centres, expandable conveyors provide a flexible handling solution. This system is suitable for small units right up to retail outlets; it was created to meet the highest standards of freight transportation.