Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry: NP Pharm

 The customer:

NP Pharm is a global producer and distributor of excipients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. NP Pharm specialises in the production of a range of neutral microgranules ranging from 100 μm to 1.7 mm. Its R&D laboratory helps customers in the development of multi-particle applications.

The project:

NP Pharm aims at increased ergonomics at its production site of Bazainville site, in particular the handling of 50 kg barrels for expedition.

The solution:

Analysing the needs, TRANSITIC and NP Pharm jointly developed a gravitational stainless steel conveyor solution in order to meet the rigorous health and safety standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Using a gravitational rather than a motorised conveyor is cost-beneficial and allows for considerable energy savings (savings for the customer, respect for the environment). Moreover, the installation requires very little maintenance and improves the ergonomic conditions of the workplace by reducing muscular constraints.