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Solutions Pick To Light and Put To Light



Drastically reduce preparation errors and make savings

TRANSITIC offers Pick-to-Light & Put-to-Light computer-assisted sorting solutions. This system facilitates order picking by using indicator lights to direct the picker to the location of the item to be picked or put down.

These solutions are particularly well suited to e-commerce, but can also be used in other sectors such as retail, logistics and industry. With Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light, any company with varied processes such as picking, kitting or dispatching can manage its preparations in the best possible way.

Pick To Light

An indicator light comes on at the point where the picker needs to pick an item.

Put To Light

An indicator light comes on at the point where the picker is to deposit an item.

Key differences

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For the Pick to Light and Put to Light solutions, the system consists of a digital display with an indicator light, mounted on an aluminium strip for ease of installation and durability.
The system can be monitored in real time using software integrated with the customer’s warehouse management system. This improves flow management and preventive maintenance.

Affordable, sustainable and connected sorting solutions

Reduce errors in your order processes

Clear visual guidance increases accuracy and reduces storage errors.

Save money with a rapid ROI

Reduce labour costs, improve order accuracy, optimise warehouse space and achieve a rapid return on investment.

Increase your productivity

Optimising operator movements and speeding up processes.

Real time flow management

View your stock levels in real time

An intuitive solution with good user acceptance

Operators can learn to use them in less than 30 minutes

A scalable and connected system

Our systems connect to your WMS and evolve as your flows change

Major quality advantages

In addition to these quantifiable economic benefits, pick to light and put to light systems can also bring significant qualitative advantages, such as:

  1. Better communication and collaboration between teams.
  2. A more ergonomic and motivating working environment for operators.
  3. A more modern and innovative brand image

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Connected intralogistics

As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.


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