TRANSITIC equips SIFAM with an integrated & connected solution


The customer


The SIFAM group (Saint-Laurent du Var, 06) is one of the key players in the distribution of motorcycle and scooter parts of the biggest brands in Europe. SIFAM has also developed its own range of technical products.

The need


To ensure its continuing growth, SIFAM has chosen the integrated conveyor system of TRANSITIC in order to optimise the preparation and shipping of orders.The solution needs to be compatible with the existing ERP and integrate a new WMS to manage all the flows from the supplier’s reception to the delivery of the packages.

The solution


TRANSITIC proposed an automated conveyor system integrating a scalable WMS software and an open WCS. A carousel composed of 2 parallel conveyors will be set up as well as transfers of entry of bins and exit on the stations of packing. A sorting line for shipping boxes is also planned.

Benefits of the solution


This complete and connected solution (mechanic, automation and software) based on a conveyor circuit and an integrated computer control will allow SIFAM optimal traceability of the warehouse as well as control of the flows thanks to the SCP monitoring (Supply Chain Pilot). The resulting productivity gain will allow SIFAM to achieve their anticipated growth.