Overhead Conveyors


TRANSITIC has been a specialist provider of overhead conveyor systems from the very beginning: gravitational or motorised, modular, and flexible, our overhead conveyors allow for reduced occupation of floor space, faster flows, reduced handling and increased safety.

Telescopic Loop
The TRANSITIC telescopic loop for loading and unloading textile articles on hangers makes for considerable savings in time and reduces handling efforts, so ensuring ergonomic use in these two production phases.
The carriage allows for the transport of trolleys from different stores to feedstocks and work stations. Dimensions can be adjusted for different workpieces. The carriage can be manual or hitched.
Interconveyor Traverser
This system allows trolleys from different stores to be transported to feed stocks and workstations. The ferry works sideways. It is mechanised and automated, according to your needs.
The trolley system allows items to be transported from one module to another. It is customised as per item size or to any specific requirement. TRANSITIC offers three models: the articulated trolley, the single traversing trolley or the tailor-made trolley. All our hooks, supports, swings etc. are made according to item size and specific customer requirements.
Rope Conveyors
The overhead rope conveyor system has been designed for lighter load handling and can be tailored to most areas of activity. The rope conveyor is flexible, modular, silent and maintenance is low. Its ergonomic design frees up floor space, reducing the necessity for moving items and handling loads. It also supplies a constant feed to stations.
convoyeur suspendu
Garment Conveyor
The garment conveyor is an overhead transport system for processing hanging garments, including a multipurpose storage solution and comes in both CLIP and PIN formats. Both types are adaptable and compatible with the intralogistic trolley system and provide optimal flow management. Noise levels and maintenance requirements are low.
Hanging Sorters
The hanging sorter is an automatic sorting and allocation system for unitary items that can meet the most extreme demands when it comes to processing and delivering inventories and returns in real time. This fully automated logistic platform operates several sorting cycles simultaneously and in real time, thanks to its polyvalent technology, even in the tightest of spaces.
convoyeur aérien
Shopstock Industry
Shopstock is a modular system designed for the industrial sector. This system allows all types of items to be stored vertically. Trolley accumulation means vertical storage space is optimised. This also enables the operator to better access the items as the structure’s height and the rail length are adjustable. Shopstock can also be connected to different types of lines (carriages, interconveyor traversers, etc.).
Trolley conveyors
The trolley conveyor is modular and entirely multipurpose. It is simple, flexible, effective and with very low-cost maintenance. It’s completely adjustable to suit your warehouse and internal workflow needs. The trolley conveyor allows for storage, handling and product sorting and can fully manage the automated storage, picking and sorting of garments.It is also compatible with all types of WMS.
convoyeur aérien
Supply Loop
The supply loop is a modular overhead conveyor that allows operators to both supply and store. Parts can be fitted as per the requirements of the station. The supply loop also allows for the storage of a minimum amount of items.
Gravitational Conveyors
The gravitational conveyor is a sloped overhead conveyor which moves loads using the forces of gravity. The main feature of the gravity conveyor is that it reduces the need for operators to handle parts, as well as saving floor space.