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In France, the industry and automotive sectors are extremely competitive. At a time of globalisation, French industry has to meet strict requirements in terms of speed of production and quality of service in order to provide real added value and maintain its competitiveness.

Flexibilité et robustesse des systèmes

In this context, intralogistics has to be considered in its entirety to be effective for all drivers of performance, including the power and durability of machinery, storage and conveying of raw materials, and effective waste management. Furthermore, with a production line that is often sequenced, the coordination between processes has to happen in a way that is smooth and secure. More than ever, connectivity is placing itself at the heart of systems.

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Transitic’s staff provide intelligent and predictive solutions which make the important fitting, assembly and conveying stages more streamlined and secure. Our robotics systems relieve machine operators and enhance accuracy and efficiency across the whole of the supply chain.

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As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.


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