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The overhead conveyor : the multifunctional solution for intralogistics processes

What is an overhead conveyor ?

An overhead conveyor – or suspended conveyor – is an intralogistics system allowing the transport of items and materials within a warehouse. The latter circulate at height, without hindering activity on the ground. There are different types of overhead conveyors, each providing a solution adapted to the sector of activity concerned.

Fully modular, the overhead conveyor can meet all intralogistics needs whatever the constraints and configuration of the warehouse. Beyond its sole conveying function, it can become a real sorting and order preparation system.

How does the overhead conveyor work ?

The overhead conveyor consists of rails and a drive system to which hangers, trolleys or hooks are attached, depending on the goods to be transported. It can be moved in two different ways :


the overhead conveyor is then motorized to allow the movement of a large volume of items at a sustained and continuous pace. This is the most popular option, especially in the retail and e-commerce industries.


in this case, the overhead conveyor is often using gravity: the goods are then driven by their own weight. Otherwise, it requires human intervention. It is often used for temporary storage or transfer purposes.

Low maintenance cost

Saving floor space

Limits the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders

Multiple features

Complete and personalized configuration

Unitary and respectful treatment of articles

Scalable system by adding modules

Better hygiene

Optimal connection to other systems

Overall performance increase


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What are its features?

Combined with additional automatic systems, the overhead conveyor becomes the heart of intralogistics processes and can be used for storage, order picking, sorting or the production line.


Thanks to the RFID technology integrated into the system, it is possible to trace an item from A to Z, group orders and direct them to their shipping area without ever interrupting the flow.

Sorting system

By sorting items directly on hangers or placing them in pockets, it is possible to perform complex and rapid sorting using predefined algorithms. The overhead conveyor is thus capable of sorting and sequencing items individually or in groups.

Dynamic storage and buffering

The overhead conveyor coupled with an overhead storage system enables fast-moving items to be stored temporarily. They are then available very quickly when needed, without human intervention.

Supply and dispatch

The overhead conveyor can be used as a supply system on production and assembly lines. It orders and streamlines processes to increase productivity.

The different types of overhead conveyors

At Transitic, we have been specialists in overhead conveyors for over 30 years.

We design, integrate and develop automated or manual suspended solutions to meet the needs of each customer.

We select proven technologies to ensure reliable, durable and cost-effective systems with a high level of performance.

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