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Sorting in intralogistics is the guarantee of optimum productivity, a reduction in operating costs, and a minimal error rate in the sorting and mailing process. We install automated or computer-assisted sorting machines which can be adapted to your product features (parcels, accessories, fragile items etc.) and the set up of your warehouse. What do they have in common? High-speed processing and automated control which guarantees that you have complete traceability of your products.

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1 September 2023

Transitic x Textilot

TEXTILOT is evolving towards a unique concept for the management of textile surfaces for self-service stores, local supermarkets and hypermarkets. TEXTILOT renews the ready-to-wear collections every week in more than…
31 August 2023

Garment conveyors and storage for the textile industry

The textile industry is particularly demanding in terms of logistics flows; sorting, replenishment of supplies, storage and dispatch are all essential stages in the supply chain. As a result, your…
31 August 2023

Transitic x ba&sh

 Founded by Sharon and Barbara in 2003, ba&sh is today an iconic accessible luxury house at the forefront of “smart fashion". It has since experienced strong growth and has developed…

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As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.


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