Automobile Industry


The customer


Since its inauguration in 1952, the RENAULT FLINS factory has manufactured many vehicles that have marked the history of Renault and the French automobile industry. Over more than fifty years, the factory has produced 18 different models and nearly 17 million vehicles.

The project


TRANSITIC has designed a gravity conveyor system specifically designed for the RENAULT FLINS factory. This system allows the transport of bumpers directly from the truck in the delivery area straight to the production lines. The Flins plant called on TRANSITIC to increase the productivity of the bumper supply scheme.

The passage of forklift drivers and the loss of time related to the transport of pallets to the production lines led the RENAULT Flins plant to call upon the skills of TRANSITIC to modify its facilities.

The solution


In order to increase warehouse productivity, optimise safety and reduce costs, TRANSITIC fully automated the conveyor system. Swings come directly to the bumpers in the truck with telescopic rods that connect the structure to the truck. The lines give a continuous supply in order to avoid the operator having to wait. This system delivers one bumper every minute.

This handling solution has the following advantages:

  • Gain in storage area
  • Decrease in human intervention
  • Optimisation of security
  • Improved ergonomics.