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Staying competitive with automation

By placing the customer experience at the heart of their strategies, companies in the retail and e-commerce sectors are becoming omni-channel and are reinventing their logistics system to satisfy customers’ new habits including ordering online, collection in store, express delivery, returning items to pick-up points, etc. The sector is structuring itself to combine efficiency and flexibility while providing perfect traceability of the goods.

Precise and fast processes

Regardless of the sector and the type of goods sold, companies in the retail and e-commerce sectors are addressing increasingly complicated challenges including speed in the preparation of orders, reducing the number of errors, and returns on investment.

Our 4.0 solutions integrate artificial intelligence to better monitor stocks, supplies, and deliveries to distribution centres, shops or customers. Our systems are designed to be flexible and scalable in line with your business.

Our leading systems

Why choose our solutions ?

Reduces the risk of errors


High processing speed


Flows are continuous 24/7


Smart, computerised control of systems


Little need for maintenance


Provides rapid return of investment


Reduced need for human intervention


Automation of processes


Provides assistance in the picking of orders


Improves employee safety


Ergonomic work stations


Real-time performance monitoring


They trust us

Our latest installations

1 September 2023

Transitic x Orchestra Prémaman

 Orchestra Prémaman is a chain of maternity and children's clothing and nursery accessories shops. Founded in 1995, the company is based in the south of France. It currently employs 2,500…
1 September 2023

Pick to Light & Put to Light solutions

TRANSITIC introduces Pick & Put2Light computer-assisted sorting solutions. This system makes order processes easier thanks to indicator lights that guide the operator to the right location where he will pick…
3 October 2023

Our e-commerce solution: The pocket sorter

Le pocket sorter, aussi appelé trieur à poches, est un système de tri suspendu destiné aux articles et accessoires. Il permet d’acheminer, trier et ordonner automatiquement des articles prélevés par…

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Connected intralogistics

As experts of the intralogistics sector, TRANSITIC combines design, development and integration in order to offer its customers effective, consistent and scalable intralogistics solutions.


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