About us


Since 2006 our company has grown from year to year to become the trusted intralogistics partner for many companies. Our vision is that intralogistics of tomorrow will be connected (mechanical systems, automation, software) so that real-time analysis, predictive and artificial intelligence can drive flows with complete traceability.

TRANSITIC deploys and specialises in design and installation of connected intralogistic solutions by seamlessly integrating mechanical systems, automation and Supply Chain software.

TRANSITIC’s connected intralogistics guarantee trace-ability, control and optimal productivity of intralogistics flows.

Our values:

  • Daring:

We provide brand new intralogistic solutions to move your business forward in an increasingly competitive market.

  • Synergy:

We believe in the interaction of our skills and expertise in order to add value to your intralogistic processes.

  • Commitment:

We guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability, regular monitoring as well as technical support at any time. TRANSITIC is committed to providing environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions.

  • High Standards:

In order to ensure long-term performance and profitability, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our systems and solutions.

Tomorrow’s intralogistics will be connected (mechanical systems, automation, software) where real-time analysis, smart data and artificial intelligence will allow to control flows in an optimal way with predictability and seamless trace-ability.

TRANSITIC is a pioneer in Supply Chain transformation by designing and integrating connected and intelligent intralogistic solutions.