Transitic optimizes the new Furet du Nord warehouse


Installation of two conveyors and a pallet elevator on a multi-level warehouse for Le Furet du Nord

multilevel warehouse


Le Furet du Nord is a French company created in 1936 in the North of France and is now the 4th largest bookstore chain in France. They are selling a wide range of products such as books, games, multimedia, etc. The emblematic store located in the heart of Lille is the largest bookshop in Europe. With revenue of 150 million euros and more than 800 employees, the company is constantly growing. Since 2018, they have been expanding the location of their stores throughout the country.


In 2019, Le Furet du Nord is moving their warehouse to Tourcoing (30 minutes away from Lille) and expanding their storage capacity to 13 000m². However, they are facing new logistical issues: the warehouse has one floor which requires a specific system allowing the products to be lifted from their reception place located on the ground floor to level +1 where they are dispatched.


pallet elevator
roller conveyor

To meet these expectations, Transitic designed and implemented a tailor-made system composed of roller conveyors and a pallet elevator. The system has been designed to support pallets up to 800kg with an approximate rate of 40 pallets per hour.

The operator puts a pallet on the conveyor located at the ground floor, using a pallet truck. The pallet moves towards the elevator and is then lifted and dispatched to the roller conveyor at level +1. The pallet is eventually redirected to the right or left exits.

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