Transitic accompanied Cergy-Vis


Le client

Founded in 1979, CERGY-VIS is the specialist in the distribution of hardware, bolts and other fasteners. CERGY-VIS accompanies individuals but also professionals. This company now has three online stores (Cergy-Vis, Bricovis and Fix’N’Vis) and a physical store in Saint Ouen l’Aumône.

The need

CERGY-VIS wishes to regroup the parts of orders prepared on 4 different points of the warehouse. This company also wants to control, repackage and send them to their shipping areas. The client also wants to reduce the movements of the preparers and thus obtain a better productivity. The customer needs to increase the number of orders prepared per day. The constraints are that the installation will take place during the opening hours of the store and the order processing for online sites. Indeed, the service must continue to be insured.

The solution

Parts of orders are prepared on 5 different points of the warehouse. These control parts are then sent via vertical conveyors to a carousel. It consists of roller conveyors and transfer, all located in height. When all the cartons composing a command will circulate on the carousel, these cartons will be sorted and evacuated. A roller conveyor and a vertical conveyor will convey these boxes to the different control grouping stations. Orders can be controlled, grouped and packaged. Once the order boxes are circled and tagged manually, they will be directed via a conveyor to their shipping area to be sorted by carrier.


The mechanization of the site will allow CERGY-VIS to increase the number of orders prepared per day. This will allow to respond to its very strong growth. In addition, the TRANSITIC solution will be silent and scalable.