Nouveauté : La machine de tri TRANSITIC / EQUINOX

TRANSITIC, in partnership with Equinox MHE, offers a brand new sorting machine, particulary suitable for textile products (shoes, clothing, accessories …).

This new sorting machine has been designed to occupy a minimum of floor space, thanks to bins that allow bidirectional sorting (right and left), which optimizes the number of outlets in a small space. This solution will allow our customers to optimize their intralogistics space.

This new sorting machine is scalable and can be expanded as needed. In addition, we offer two types of inclined tray slides: single and double, to allow even more flexibility. This design allows various outputs, such as trolleys, cartons, bags or bins on wheels.

Some technical details ‘Equinox Slide Tray Sorter LR’:

  • Types of products: clothing, shoes, accessories …
  • Product Dimensions: Min. 40 x 10 x 1 H mm – Max. 600 x 400 x 400 H mm
  • Product weight: Min. 0.02 kg – Max: 25 kg
  • Capacity: Max. 16,000 trays per hour

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