SMCP renews its confidence in TRANSITIC


The customer


The high-end ready-to-wear fashion group SMCP is renewing its confidence in TRANSITIC. This ambitious new project comes three years after equipping the Marly-la-Ville site and relates to the supply and installation of the complete equipment of the new 24,000 m² warehouse located in Vémars in Val-d’Oise.

The group was formed in late 2010 and includes the brands Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot. Today, SMCP has a turnover of €675 million with an average growth of 26% per year. With more than 1,100 points of sale in 37 countries and having set many milestones in Europe, the brands of the group are now entering new markets such as the United States and China.

The project


The equipment of the SMCP warehouse in Vémars follows years of sustained growth, beyond the most optimistic forecasts. The old warehouse, located in Marly-la-Ville (95), was starting to become saturated and was not able to accommodate new collections.

The goal of this project is to optimise production, increase storage capacity and streamline flows. The building currently consists of a “folded and suspended" storage area as well as a “preparation" area to continuously feed the 1,100 points of sale and respond to very short re-ordering flows. The stores of the three brands have very little storage space, which results in a large number of restocking and requires responsiveness at all times.

The solution


TRANSITIC supplied and installed the SMCP platform a 4,500 m² mezzanine spread over three levels, intended for the storage of clothes suspended by hangers. There are auxiliary conveyors for transportation and sorting and telescopic arms to receive the goods. In order to manage carton shipments, TRANSITIC has also deployed non-contact accumulation roller conveyors.

These facilities were designed to meet SMCP’s preparation and shipping requirements. Flexible and reliable, the installation now allows SMCP to handle 1,200 packages per hour. The group estimates that 7 million pieces will be handled in its new logistics centre in 2016.