GreyOrange partners with TRANSITIC in France.


GreyOrange, a technology company specialising in advanced robotic systems for the automation of warehouses and distribution centers, has signed a contract with the intralogistics integrator Transitic for the commercialisation of the Butler robot system in France.

Transitic now integrates the ‘goods-to-person’ Butler robotic system for automated pick&put processes. This autonomous mobile robot manages automated storage, replenishment and order preparation for e-commerce and distribution warehouses.

Traditional rigid warehouse automation fails to deliver in a rapidly changing e-commerce context where customers expect same-day delivery and better service at more competitive prices.

The Butler system provides the optimal solution to this constraint: it is modular and flexible, providing multidirectional scalability, so increasing storage volume and throughput, as well as adding more storage racks or robots when and where needed.

The robots are controlled by the GreyMatter software platform wich is compatible with any WMS and WCS software programme. Moreover, the GreyMatter software exploits artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve evolving commercial and operational challenges.