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Automation of the warehouse with a new Pick to Light system connected to the OpenWCS© control software


RIVADIS is a cosmetics company based near Nantes and founded in 1971. The laboratory designs and sells a range of body care products aimed at healthcare professionals and individual customers. With 200 employees and a turnover of 65 million Euros, RIVADIS has since developed partnerships with recognised brands like Gallia, Pampers or Bledina.


Possessing a manufacturing site of more than 12,000m², RIVADIS developed its e-commerce business through two websites and currently wishes to modernise its order picking processes to increase its rate of production while still ensuring strict monitoring of data. The brand wants to be equipped with an effective order picking system and its picking line, currently in use for twenty years, is suffering from a lack of maintenance. It needs fully replacing, both the hardware portion as well as the software portion.


In this context, TRANSITIC carried out a retrofit to the existing picking software in order to ensure it would operate securely and successfully over time.

Hardware portion

Our technical staff installed 350 new Pick to Light (PTL) displays complete with a connecting module. All of the connectors were replaced by aluminium sheaths.

Software portion

Our IT engineers implemented the OpenWCS© control software to manage orders from the 350 Pick to Light displays, with a direct interface to the ERP. Our OpenWCS© software is Open Source, easily configurable, and can be integrated to all existing systems as well as to their connected devices. With the assistance of performance indicators and configurable dashboards, it allows you to achieve maximum productivity

A solution that’s particularly suited to RIVADIS’ objectives and designed to progress into the future."


The number of Pick to Light displays installed at Rivadis

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