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TRANSITIC offers a wide range of logistics conveyors to fit out your warehouse, improve your productivity and optimize your storage spaces. Depending on your needs, we provide motorized conveyors, roller conveyors, overhead conveyors or pallet conveyors to adapt to your industry requirements. With current equipments and technology, it is now possible to set up any type of logistics warehouse : are you short of space or do you have a multilevel warehouse ? Do you want a hybrid network of automated conveyors and standard storage ? Our expert teams will guide you with personalized and scalable logistics solutions to follow your growth.

Conveyors made for all types of warehouses, industries and products

We can classify conveyors into different categories : flat conveyors or overhead
conveyors (suspended conveyors).

Different types of flat conveyors

Convoyeur à rouleaux

It's the most common conveyor, fitting all kind of industries. Made with steel, the roller conveyor enables a fast processing of materials whatever their sizes and weights. A must-have machine to optimize your logistics flows at a reasonable price.

Convoyeur à bandes

The motorized belt conveyor is made to carry lighter items. It can be used as a retarder when passing non-flat or scanning areas.

Convoyeur extensible

This type of conveyor is used to modulate warehouse layout depending on your needs or to help unloading trucks. This telescopic conveyor can linked two machines and help keeping a high processing speed.

Different types of overhead conveyors

Trieur suspendu

It is an automatic sorting machine that separate and ventilate products from each others. The hanging sorter is widely used in the textile sector. It garantees rapid processing of deliveries and returns, while respecting the product.

Convoyeur gravitaire

It is an overhead conveyor designed to allow goods to slide with the help of their own gravity. Affordable and efficient, the gravity conveyor limits the occupation of floor space and the handling of goods by operators.

Convoyeur à cordes

It is designed to handle very light loads such as empty boxes. It is a modular workstation replenishment system. The rope conveyor therefore limits the movements of operators and improves productivity.

Convoyeur vertical

Also called elevating conveyor or pallet elevator, it is used to set up multi-level warehouses. the elevator system is robust and ensures a high speed to maintain a smooth flow of goods and pallets from one floor to another.

Convoyeur monorail

The monorail overhead conveyor is a motorized and modular system, adaptable to any type of industry. The ratchet conveyor allows the transport and sorting of clothes on hangers. For the automotive industry, the trolley system can support heavy loads. Equipped with chains or brushes, the monorail conveyor is very resistant and optimizes logistics flows to their maximum.

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