TRANSITIC takes care of the study and design of your logistic and industrial processes: electrical cabinets, building sites, programming, Control Interfaces and Supervision, turnkey solutions to optimise your flows.

Identification is the key to proper integration. It is based on a set of techniques including the coding of the information associated with an object, the support of the information, the reading equipment, the acquisition of the information and its processing. We respond appropriately to your needs and are at the forefront of progress, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.
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Audit & Engineering
We carry out an audit of your automated systems that will allow you to limit your production stops and facilitate maintenance. TRANSITIC provides you with engineering assistance for your project in all its aspects: design and studies, functional analysis, procurement, production control, installation and commissioning.
TRANSITIC masters and understands the various technologies associated with the business of industrial automation. The benefits are many: increased productivity and accuracy, availability of spare parts, reduced downtime related to breakdowns, usability, new features, etc. Whether you need adaptation, renovation or new systems, we design and built your tailor-made solution with a wide range of industrial applications.
Industrial Electrics
Thanks to our continued investments, our teams have all the technical and material skills to undertake, under optimal conditions, a range of electrical installations. They also have at their disposal a complete range of power tools, a large number of control devices and statutory personal protective equipment. This equipment is frequently checked to ensure safety and the quality of their work.