Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry: NP Pharm

Mar 20, 2014 in Non classé

The Customer:
NP Pharm is a worldwide producer and distributor of excipients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The company specialises in the production of a range of neutral micro-granules measuring 100 micron to 1.7mm. Their R&D laboratory is available to their clientele for the purposes of developing multi-particulate applications.

The Project:
NP Pharm wished to create a more ergonomic environment at their Bazainville production site, with particular regard to the handling of 50 kg barrels for dispatch.


The Solution:
Evaluating our customer’s requirements, Transitic and NP Pharm devised a solution together involving a stainless steel gravity conveyor that conformed to the rigorous health and safety standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Using a gravity rather than a motorised conveyor is cost beneficial and also saves significant amounts of energy (this makes savings for the customer and is environmentally friendly). Plus, the installation requires very little maintenance.

Thanks to this new conveyor, Transitic can better meet customers’ expectations whilst also improving the ergonomic conditions of the workplace as well as the need for operators to handle heavy loads, thereby reducing muscular stress.